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Every year thousands of people are affected by road trauma in India

There are ways to recover from an extremely stressful event such as road trauma. A trained Psychologist or Counsellor can help you cope up with the trauma in a safe & non-judgemental manner. Counselling sessions are free of charge with no limit on the number of sessions, for anyone affected by road collision. This includes family members, friends, colleagues, witnesses, drivers ,first on scene & emergency personnel ,as well as individuals who may be responsible for causing a road crash irrespective of when the event actually occurred. Counselling Sessions are conducted on telephone in English , hindi & other Indian languages.
  • Telephone call
  • Sessions in English,Hindi & other Indian languages
  • No referral needed
  • No limit on number of sessions
  • No time frame for when the event occured
  • Free service
This is a self referral service, it means you can reach us directly  on  ******* to access our counselling services. We are open from Monday to Friday from 10AM  to 5 PM(IST)