Icididunt Ut Labore Et Dolore

Privacy Policy

What to expect when you call

Seeking help may feel uncomfortable at times ,but it’s part of the process to transcend beyond road trauma. Our confidential counselling services conducted by qualified counsellors will help you overcome road related trauma

Your call will be handled directly by a qualified counsellor ,depending on your circumstances & the consent provided by you, the counselling session may commence . You will be asked to provide your details such as gender, age & your involvement in road crash/trauma. The Counsellor will brief you about the privacy policies before the start of your counselling session.
Our counsellors can converse in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & English.

Your first counselling session

We understand your anxiety on the first session of your counselling .Our counsellors are qualified & trained to make your first session as comfortable as possible.